Local Walks

If you want to feel great, have more energy and improve your
overall health, take a hike!  Walking is one of the best exercises you can do – and it’s free!

Right of Ways 

Due to a high demand from users of the Right of Ways network, landowners and Parish Councils, have produced a ‘Countryside Code Special’ for our Newsletter and alongside this an educational video regarding dogs in the countryside.

It is paramount that we get everyone working together to ‘Respect, Protect and Enjoy’ our countryside and the Right of Ways network.

Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/e634c313c262/accessteamsmarch-2021-newsletter

Dog video: https://youtu.be/nixVnq6DejY


A walk around Eling Tide Mill Experience

Test Way

A lovely seven mile walk around Totton &Eling

  • Taking you on a return trip from Eling Quay along the River Test to Nursling, back into Totton via Testwood Lakes and back to Eling.
  •  Download the 7-mile walk map (PDF)also available from the Civic Centre.

West Totton Green Routes

  • Designed for pedestrians and cyclists.
    A network of paths dotted around the town for the use of both pedestrians and cyclists.
  •  Download the Green Route map (PDF), a printed map is also available from the Civic Centre.