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Health Bus Questionnaire

May 2024

Health Bus Service Questionnaire

The Town Council are aware of the difficulties for residents to attend hospital appointments, who only have access to public transport. The Town Council, together with several other local Parish Councils, are looking at a potential Community Health Bus service which would operate between Southampton General hospital and Lymington hospital. The proposed project, which is subject to funding, would run up to 4 times per day, 5 days per week, dropping off and picking up passengers from designated points in each of the five parishes along the Waterside area, at a small charge. The Town Council are trying to ascertain the demand for this potential service and would welcome residents to complete the questionnaire below, together with providing any suggestions and input on aspirations and requirements.

1. Would you make use of the potential health bus service?(Required)

2. How often would you use the bus?(Required)

4. Would you require disabled access to the potential health bus?(Required)

5. The proposed health bus service is subject to funding, do you consider this project a good use of public monies?(Required)

6. By what means of transport do you use to attend hospital visits at present, i.e.?(Required)

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