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Here we celebrate the natural beauty and biodiversity of Totton & Eling. As stewards of our local environment, we're excited to share our Nature Proposal Plan—a visionary blueprint for preserving and enhancing our natural spaces.

This proposal encompasses initiatives to protect wildlife habitats, conserve green spaces, and promote sustainable land management practices. It's a testament to our dedication to nurturing the ecological health of our community for generations to come.

Click the link below to explore our Nature Proposal Plan document. Join us in safeguarding the unique landscapes and ecosystems that make Totton & Eling such a special place to call home.


Nature Proposal Plan: READ HERE


Totton & Eling could well be described as
the town that was built around water...

Southampton Water adjoins the Eling Village, with tourists and residents taking great pleasure in the delightful Eling Harbour and Mill. The town is also at the mouth of the River Test and Bartley Water which, together with the Testwood Lakes, makes Totton and Eling really a Town where you can enjoy the delights brought by tranquil flowing water.

Around the town there are many areas where interesting and unusual wildlife can be seen, and in particular on the Bury Marshes and the nature reserve by the River Test north of the Redbridge causeway. Here can be seen Redshank, Curlew and Oystercatchers, together with wildfowl such as Shelduck.

The River Test is known worldwide as one of the foremost salmon and trout fishing rivers and where the salmon return to spawn. The long distance walk called the Test Way runs right through the town starting at Eling Quay, passes the Salmon Leap and then winds its way a total of 44 miles until it reaches Inkpen Beacon in Berkshire.

Along Bartley Water and behind the Tide Mill is a large holding lake and riverside walk by the side of Bartley Water. Here can be seen interesting wildlife including Kingfishers and on occasions otters, and forms part of a quiet amble around Eling Village.

At Testwood are 3 large lakes, one of which forms an emergency water supply for the Town and for Southampton. Here can also be seen many wild fowl, and hides have been provided so visitors can get a better view of the lake.