Totton & Eling Twinning Association

What is Totton & Eling Twinning?

Perhaps, as you enter Totton, you have seen
the sign announcing that we are twinned with
C.C. Loire Divatte and wondered where that might be? 

Our association is a lively, active and friendly organisation which has been flourishing for
over 30 years.

For more information on their area you can go to the official C.C. Loire Divatte website.

We also have a partnership with Amt Trittau, thus completing a triangle of links, since Loire-Divatte and Amt Trittau have been twinned for over 30 years!

Communauté des Communes Loire Divatte, to give its full name, comprises six separate villages or communities and is situated close to Nantes in mid-west France. The villages are Le Loroux BottereauLa Chapelle Basse MerLe LandreauLa RemaudièreBarbechat and finally St Julien de Concelles.

Amt Trittau is situated in Schleswig Holstein near Hamburg and is comprised of ten different villages and communities namely: Grande, Grönwohld, Großensee, Hamfelde, Hohenfelde, Köthel, Lütjensee, Rausdorf, Trittau and Witzhave.

Our Organisation
Although we are keenly supported by Totton and Eling Town Council, we are an independent organisation with the majority of our funding coming from regular social events and membership subscriptions. We are a family orientated organisation and welcome members of all ages. After all, it’s the youth of today who will form the core of our membership in future years.

Our Events & Functions

We hold special functions throughout the year and organise exchange visits each year and are pleased to welcome French and German guests to Totton and Eling on their return visits.

So whether it’s the taste of French wine or German beer that appeals to you, or you would like to brush up on your language skills, or merely enjoy our monthly get-togethers, why not contact our Chairperson, Sharon or our Secretary, Mandy for further details:

Sharon Brown, Chairperson

Mandy Corneby, Secretary


For more information on the towns of Loire Divatte and Amt Trittau, go to their official websites: